Beth Park

Hi there,
I'm Beth Park.

I help businesses get things sorted and get the job done.

I use a straight-forward, easy to follow, easy to use approach to:

  • set up or simplify processes
  • develop documentation
  • support teams to solve problems
  • improve productivity with lean thinking methodology
  • manage projects
  • help to train and grow people

I bring 20 years of experience in production and manufacturing, people leadership, continuous improvement and lean methodology, capital project management, quality systems, workplace training and health and safety compliance.

With a Bachelor of Technology (Honours) from Massey University, a focus on food technology and process engineering …and a love of beer!...I embarked on a career in brewing with DB Breweries and Heineken.

Even more than my love of beer, I found I love helping and teaching others, bringing order to messy and inefficient processes, delving in to solve problems and unlocking ways for teams to improve productivity.  This has led me to where I am now - a business improvement specialist.

I can offer both experience and fresh insights from an independent, outside perspective. I can work onsite alongside your teams with a customised approach to suit your specific needs. Most importantly, I can make a difference and add value to your business. 

I'd love to chat.